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Phone : 3791 2269
Services : 開放空間出租、辦工房間出租、功能房出租、活動空間出租、
Office Hours : 09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m. ( Monday - Friday )

Central Park provides valuable platform for freelancers and entrepreneurs who intent to grow and connect. Co-working in a way is independent and encouraging networking. Central Park Co-working Space gives collaborative workspaces and offers memberships as a chance to be a part of the community without losing their independence. Co-working spaces are fantastic opportunities for you to meet, assess and build strong working network with talented freelancers. Working from a beautiful and relaxing place can boost your creative thinking. Central Park Co-working Space offers memberships with a complimentary Kowloon Park Panoramic Greenery View. 

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Central Park Info Update Suggest?

Central Park Info Update Suggest?